The Malta Independent. Sept 2022.
The Sunday Times of Malta. Sept 2022.
Mdina Contemporary Art Biennale 2015.
The Within. Solo exhibition, 2018.



ARTI MILL-PAJSAGG. May 1994, It-Torca by Adrian Stivala, with 1 pic. Wardija.

BAPTISM OF FIRE. May 1994, Sunday Times by E.Fiorentino, with 1 pic. Vines.

Preview, March 1996, Times of Malta, with 1 pic. Last Spanish Night.

PAINTING POSSIBILITIES. March 1996, Sunday Times by E.Fiorentino, with 1 pic. Geranium in Pot with Oranges.

FLIRTING WITH ART. March1996, Malta Independent on Sunday by Raphael Vella, with 1 pic. Jesus is Tired.

TALENT. April 1996, Suncrestians Newsletter by Gaetano Crisrina.

WIRJIET RICENTI. May 1996, It-Torca by Adrian Stivala.

PAINTED MOODS AT THE PHOENICIA. June 1997, Sunday Times by E. Fiorentino, with 1 pic. Salt Pans of the Mediterranean.

DAMIAN EBEJER AT THE PHOENICIA. June 1997, Malta Independent on Sunday by Raphael Vella, with 1 pic. Time Plays Games.

IC-CELEBRAZZJONI  VIZIVA   DAMIAN EBEJER. June 1997L-Orrizont by Adrian Stivala.

THE NEW MALATA. November 1997, People on Sunday by Ross Baxter.

STARING AT THE CEILING. August 2000, Sunday Times, full page of Cover Supplement by Joanna Ripard, with 2 pics. Ceiling detail at Palazzo Marina, Valletta.

Preview of SOLO EXHIBITION ‘STRANGE BREW’ July 2002, Sunday Times with portrait photo.

STRANGE BREW, WIRJA TA’ PITTURA RICCENTI. July 2002, L-Orizzont by George Gleville, with 2 pics. Stillness Before The Storm and Quiet Temptation.

ONE CONCOCTION AND ONE REJECTION. July 2002, Sunday Times by E. Fiorentino, with 1 pic. Forever Primitive.

DAMIAN EBEJER EXHIBITION AT THE PHOENICIA. July 2002, Malta Independent On Sunday by Josanne Cassar, with 1 pic. Cleopatra’s Dream. 

DAMIAN EBEJER SMILES ON A SURREALIST APPLE. August 2002, by Narcy Calamatta, with 2 pics. Quiet Temptation and Forever Primitive.

DAMIAN EBEJER’S CLEOPATRA. August 2002, by Narcy Calamatta, with 1 pic. Cleopatra’ Dream.

HISTORICAL HOUSES. October 2002, Times Weekender Suppliment by Anna Briffa, featuring Casa Rocca Piccola.

CROSSROADS. March 2003, Malta Today, with group (of artists involved in collective show) photo.

PROFOUND EXPRESSIONS.August 2003, Where Malta Magazine by William Galea, with 4 pics.  Late Spring, Forever Primitive, Torso and Quiet Temptation. Front cover featured full page pic. of Heavenbound.

POETRY CONTEST WINNERS. November 2003, Sunday Times. (winner of 1st Prize for English poetry section from national competition.).

CELEBRATING WALLS AND CEILINGS. Winter Issue 2005, Flair Magazine (Malta Independent on Sunday) by Daphne Caruana Galizia, with 25 pics. depicting mural and ceiling artworks and 1 pic. of self.

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Talking about my work with art critic and TV presenter Ms. Mariella Pisani Bencini for her cultural TV program Meander, Net TV; during my solo exhibition When Destiny Lingers (2019).
Whilst filming my works for the cultural television program Meander, Net TV and interviewed by art critique Ms. Mariella Pisani Bencini. 2018

Sunday article.
After being interviewed by Ms. Mariella Pisani Bencini for her cultural TV program Meander (2018)
Poster with solo exhibition list,

Flair magazine.
Flair magazine.
The Within.Solo exhibition Oct 2018.

HERITAGE SIGHT. April 2006, Grip Magazine (Malta International Airport)by Stanley Borg, regarding restoration works undergoing at the Palazzo Falson (Norman House), with 1 pic. of self at work on Chapel fresco.

PHOTOGRAPH of the Private Chapel (with hand-painted ceiling designed by Damian Ebejer at Palazzo Falzon). July 2006, The Times.

SIX INCHES OFF THE GROUND, August 2006, Grip Magazine (Malta International Airport). Damian Ebejer talks to Stanley Borg about his father, Francis Ebejer.

MURAL, MURAL ON THE WALL, November 2006, The Times Weekender by Stanley Borg…asks Damian Ebejer which is the fairest of his murals at Palazzo Falzon. With 1 pic.

RUX GALLERY- AN INVITING PLACE FOR BROWSING, April 2007, The Sunday Times by E. Fiorentino, an article about Damian Ebejer’s art gallery in Balzan.

AN EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS BY DAMIAN EBEJER, June2007, The Malta Independent on Sunday, with 8 pics.( concerning Damian Ebejer’s exhibition at Gallery G, Lija, THE TALE OF CONSEQUENT PARALLELS.

A   BRUSH  WITH  FAME, June 2007, “Damian Ebejer, painter and poet, talks to Tanja Cilia.”, The Sunday Times with 1 pic. of the artist.

DAMIAN EBEJER…CHARGING  UP   THE  LADDER, June 2007, The Sunday Times by E. Fiorentino, with 1 pic. The Fall of Lucifer. Analysis about Damian Ebejer’s latest exhibition THE TALE OF CONSEQUENT PARALLELS.

FRIEZES AND CEILINGS…Damian Ebejer is a skilled craftsman who restored the paintings on the walls and ceilings at Palazzo Falzon and created new ones. Spring 2007, Flair Magazine, Souvenir Edition, with 8 pics.

HONOURABLE MENTION (SILVER PALETTE NATIONAL COMPETITION 2008) as featured in the ‘Focus Newsletter’ published by the Malta Society of Arts.

EIGHT COLLABORATE, November 2009, The Times. Marathon interpainting between eight artists. All proceeds of charity (Malta Hospice).

EVERYTHING AFFORDS A MOMENT’S INSPIRATION, November 2011, The Sunday Times by Peter Farrugia. Review for Damian Ebejer’s book of poems entitled ‘The Divide Of Silence’, 115pp. Midsea Books Ltd. “Ebejer’s exuberance and love for life shine through this collection…”

A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION BY DAMIAN EBEJER, November 2011, The Times. Preview to the “Never Mind The Dust” exhibition.

‘NEVER MIND THE DUST’-retrospective exhibition by DAMIAN EBEJER. November 2011, The Malta Independent with 3 pics.; Black Dawn, Birth of a Seed and Bottle Talk.

WIRJA RETROSPETTIVA TA’ DAMIAN EBEJER, November 2011, L-Orizzont with 1 pic. Life is Fagile.

RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION BY DAMIAN EBEJER, November 2011, Josanne Cassar Interviewing malta with 8 pics.; Cleopatra’s Dream, Birth of a Seed, Autumn Fields No.1, Beach Alone, Coral Reef with Long Fish, Black Dawn, Bottle Talk and Connections.

CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT CALANDER, November 2011, The Sunday Times

WIRJA TA’ PITTURA TA’ DAMIAN EBEJER, December 2011, Il-Kullhadd with 2 pics.; Black Dawn and The Wandering Spirit.

A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION BY DAMIAN EBEJER, December 2011 , The Malta Business Weekly with 1 pic.; Autumn Fields No.2.

DAMIAN EBEJER- A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION 17 YEARS IN THE MAKING, December  2011, The Malta Independent on Sunday with 4 pics.; Ecstasy of St. Theresa, The Wandering Spirit, The Breaking of Calypso’s Spell and Nature of Thought.

UNIQUE PAINTINGS BY Francis Ebejer and his son Damian under one roof in Naxxar, October 2013, THE SPIRIT OF COLOUR exhibition, L-Orrizont (Sunday) by Joseph Farrugia with 5 pics; History chasing its’ Own Tail (FE),  Vanishing World (FE), Maltese Madonna (FE), Last Judgement (DE), Winter Blues (DE).

PAINTING BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT, December 2013, The Sunday Times by Peter Farrugia with 4 pics; Last Judgement, Even Fossils keep their Identity, Winter Blues and portrait pic.

METAPHORICAL LANDSCAPES, evoking the soul of Malta’s landscapes, June 2014, The Sunday Times by P. Farrugia with 4 pics; Pathway to the End, Beneath the Edge, Birth of a Seed and Me, you…and Them.

EBEJER PAINTING AT THE BELGRAVIA GALLERY, LONDON, January 2015; Marie Benoit cultural diary, Malta Independent on Sunday, feature, with 3 pics; The Fragility of Peace, Belgravia Gallery front, group, with painting; the artist together with Ms. Laura Walford (gallery director) and Mr. Prakash Ben Joshi (World Citizen Artist director of ethics.

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GETTING TO GRIPS WITH A MYSTIC, Malta Today, May  2016; interview feature with 4 images by Teodor Reljic

ART’S THE THING, The Malta Independent on Sunday, April 2016; (Art & Culture); 2 full pages including seven images of works exhibited during the Edge of Distance show at il-Hagar, Victoria, Gozo.

A DISCOVERY OF SELF, Sunday Times of Malta, May 2016; (Escape magazine); 2 full pages including 6 image of works from the Edge of Distance exhibition in Victoria, Gozo.

Malta Independent on Sunday, 5th August 2018. Covering article regarding the collective expo at Malta Society of Arts, Valletta as part of the European Amuse project. My work features with a photo of Abraxas linger at the Divide.

Media features and articles regarding my latest two solo exhibitions: 
The Divide (Mdina, Malta) 2019
Paradox (Rabat, Malta) 2022

TV appearances : Meander (Cultural program) produced and presented by Ms. Mariella Pisani Bencini (on TVM and Net TV) .

Rokna Culturali.

Ghawdex Illum (Gozo) Coverage regarding my solo expo in Gozo at the Hagar Museum. 2016.
Hand painted 'trick of the eye' mural, palazzo, Mdina
The Within
Solo expo

STJ Closure
Solo expo 2019
With Ms. Lea Hogg during her TV morning show discussing some of my work. (2018)

The Fragility of Peace at the Belgravia Gallery, London. (detail far right).
Article about my mural painting, 2006.
Magazine feature, 2009
The hand painted private chapel ceiling and distressed walls I painted at Palazzo Falzon, Mdina, Malta.
Media 2009.

This was a dual exhibition which included art works by my father Francis Ebejer and myself. It was held at the Gallery Last Touch in Mosta, Malta......................................................
Bottom pic. shows a ceiling I painted.
Mdina Art Biennale festival 1997.

Mdina Art Biennale festival 2007.
My mural work featured.
My mural work.
Private chapel with hand painted ceiling and distressed wall effect. 2010.
Top Left; self portrait included in the National Portrait Gallery of Malta. Edited by Marquis Nicholas de Piro;  Miller Publications, 2015.
Review by Dr. Laner Cassar regarding my collection of works in my Edge of Distance solo exhibition, il-Hagar, Victoria, Gozo. 2016.
Right hand side picture of one of my hand painted ceilings 2004.
First prize, Poetry in the English language.
My painting The Divide of Reason for the book cover of Duende.
My painting Stratum for the cover of A Scatter of Leaves.
My hand painted Boxxla Peace Donkey, bottom left. 2016.
Media regarding my solo exhibition Magdalene's Tangerine, 2014.
A beautiful image
A beautiful image
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