Hand painted wall paper mural and friezes. 
Mural and ceiling work, Zebbug, Malta.
Corner detail and dado faux marbling.
'Rotunda' hand painted circular ceiling  with faux marbling panels. Private residence, Ta' Xbiex, Malta.
A smaller version of Leonardo's Vetruvian Man in a different residence. 2020.
Private chapel hand painted ceiling, Museum Palazzo, Mdina, Malta.............................................................
Private chapel, museum palazzo, Mdina.
Arched ceiling hallway.
Arched ceiling hallway, private residence, Attard, Malta.
Hand painted ceiling panels and beams, Palazzo, Valletta.
Hand painted Vitruvian Man (original sketch-Leonardo da Vinci 1497), private residence, Malta. 2017.

One of my murals at Sharma Restaurant, St. Julian's, Malta.
Detail of hand painted ceiling.
Detail of hand painted ceiling.
Detail with coat of arms, hand painted.
Hand painted dado, mural wallpaper and ceiling.
Hand painted beams, Sala Grande, private residence, Balzan, Malta
Hand painted frame with medallion, Valletta.
Courtyard niche mural. palazzo, Mdina.
Set of knight's league coat of arms shields, palazzo, Mdina, Malta.
The three cupid hand painted ceiling with faux marble surround.

Private residence, Ta' Xbiex, Malta.
Hand painted ceiling beams. Palazzo, Balzan, Malta.
3d monochrome paneled ceiling, hand painted. Private residence, Malta.
Hand painted barrel vaulted ceiling, the Priory, Mdina.
Bedroom ceiling, private residence, Siggiewi, Malta.
Hand painted Marbling.
On site..
Private residence, B'Kara, Malta.
Hand painted ceiling, commercial palazzo, Valletta.

Valletta, Malta.
Valletta, Malta.
Hand painted coastal view; private residence, Malta.
Hand painted on canvas placed in sunken wall panel.
Monochrome hand painted Sala Grande ceiling, private residence, Malta.
Balzan, Malta.

Hand painted ceiling rose.
Detail, hand painted original design.
Mural work; Palazzo Parisio, Valletta.
Hand painting ceiling and arches; Palazzo de Piro, Mdina. 
Arched hallway, private residence, Siggiewi, Malta
Detail of hand painted frieze, Palazzo Falzon, Mdina
Hand painted ceiling and arches, palazzo, Mdina.
At work...
Inspecting an almost finished ceiling.
Interior dome impression, hand painted, Valletta.
Private chapel hand painted dome, Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta.
Almost completed trompe l'oeil Ornate Urn; Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti new offices, Valletta, Malta.
Frieze paneling hand painted
With coat-of-arms medallion.
Mdina, Malta.
Flat wall mural.
Finishes room.
Simplified ceiling, hand painted, B'Kara, Malta.
Monochrome 3D paneling effect, hand painted ceiling, Malta
Hand painted frieze in finished room, Mdina, Malta.
Dado; weave design with marbled skirting; hand painted, palazzo , Valletta.
Working on the frieze, Palazzo Parisio, Valletta, Malta.
Adding a bubble bee to the dado.
Hand painted frieze, Palazzo Falzon, Mdina.
Work at private residence, B'Kara, Malta.
Adding a lizard to my mural, 2007.
Private residence, Zebbug, Malta.
Ceiling work, 2007.
Up the scaffolding, St. Paul's Parish church, Rabat, Malta.
Faux marbling work, Rabat, Malta.

Whilst painting the "Vitruvian Man'
Frieze painting, palazzo, Mdina. 2004.
Between the beams, hand painted designed panels.
Private palazzo, Malta.
Hand painted arched hallway, Siggiewi, Malta.
Magazine entry about my hand painted ceiling at a palazzo in Mdina, Malta.
Hand painted walls, ceiling and faux marble dado.
Final pic. at the FPM office, Valletta, of my trompe l'oeil ornate urn and niche.
Simple but effective motif hand painted between the beams. Private residence, Balzan, Malta. 2001.
Minimalist, stylized, linear mural. Sharma Restaurant, Portomaso, St. Julian's, Malta. 2014.
Hand painted ceiling in  a Palazzo in Malta
A beautiful image
A beautiful image
My mural behind Restaurant Bar, Portomaso, Malta.
Working on my ceiling and arch painting at a palazzo in Mdina, Malta. 2011.
16th Century basin enclove at St.Paul's Parish church, Rabat, Malta. 2008.
Detail. 2008.
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