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Your portraits are full of splendid details and accuracy. One can sense your contemplative moods in your work.

Simon and Andrea, Dresden | Sep 14, 2019

I find your work very versatile and ingenious.

Lesley Cowley | Sep 9, 2019

Ich finde Ihre Arbeit sehr beeindruckend. Weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Ingo Wältermann | Sep 5, 2019

Very good work! I'm Impressed.

Monika Schucht | Sep 4, 2019

Great website Damian. Very informative and detailed.. I love your murals.

Josef van Treeck | Aug 13, 2019

Great sitze Damian. Well done. I have missed the Seven Mansions of Santa Teresa of Avila.

Heribert Mittendorf | Aug 13, 2019

Very professional informative site. Well done.

Lula Falzon | May 6, 2019

I find your work extremely deep and outstanding. I always enjoy visiting your exhibitions. So unique.. Really well done!

Audrey Vella | May 3, 2019

You were born with this great talent ! While you can express your feelings, people enjoy viewing these great paintings. Keep up your great job !

Lydia Cumbo Malta | Jun 12, 2008

cool site..keep it up!

alice Morocco | Mar 5, 2008

Prosit for your new beautiful RUX art gallery!

Josephine & Luigi | Mar 15, 2007
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