Entrance to Paradox 2022
Catalogue for Paradox 2022
Paradox poster 2022
Exhibition socials
Alphabet of Desire at my solo exhibition Edge of Distance, Gozo. 2016.
October 2018
My work at the Belgravia Gallery, London; with Ms. Laura Walford, director and curator, and Mr. Prakash Bal Joshi, Ethics Director for World Citizen Artists.
My painting Forever Primitive hangs with my other selected works during the Ebejer Project exhibition at the St. James Cavalier art hub in Valletta, Malta. 2012-2013.
Inauguration of the international collective World Citizen Artists exhibition at the Belgravia Gallery, London, UK. My painting The Fragility of Peace hangs to the right. Opening speech by Ms. Valerie Won Lee and Ms. Laura Walford, director and curator.
Detail 2014.
Awared 2014.
Detail 2014.


 2019 Feb                   ‘When Destiny Lingers’, Palazzo de Piro, Mdina.

 2018 Oct                   ‘The Within’, The Priory, Mdina.

 2016 Nov                  ‘A Perpetual Recall’ Corinthia Palace, Attard.

 2016 Jun                   ‘Introduction’ Malta Cultural Institute, Sliema.

 2016 May                  ‘Edge of Distance’ il-Hagar Museum, Gozo.

 2016  Feb                  ‘The Ebejer Research Project’ St. James Cavalier,         

 2014 June                 ‘Magdalene’s Tangerine’ The Cliffs, Dingli Cliffs.

 2013 Dec                  ‘The Passage of Memory’ The Priory, Mdina.

 2013 Oct                   ‘The Spirit of Colour’ Vascas, Naxxar.

 2011 Dec                   ‘Never Mind The Dust’ Villa madama, Attard.

 2007 Jun                    ‘The Tale of Consequent Parallels’ Gallery G, Lija.   

 2006 Apr                    ‘Ebejer Exhibition’ Last Touch Gallery, Mosta.

 2002 Jul                      ‘Strange Brew’ Le Meridien Phoenicia, Floriana.

 1997 Jun                     ‘Impressions’ Le Meridien Phoenicia, Floriana.

 1997 Mar                    ‘Refresh’ La Stampa Restaurant, Sliema.

 1996 Mar                    ‘Recent Paintings’ Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta.

 1994 May                   ‘Paintings’ Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta.

February 2019; opening of my When Destiny Lingers solo exhibition.
Banner 2019 solo exhibition.
My solo expo A Tale of Consequent Parallels at Gallery G, Lija, Malta.
Opening few words...
Next to The Fall of Lucifer. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm. (Sold)
Together with art critic, the late Chev. Emmanuel Fiorentino, deeply missed.



1994 Nov                   Din l-Art Helwa,  Villa Arrigo, Naxxar.

1995 Nov                   Din l-Art Helwa,  Villa Arrigo, Naxxar.

1996 May                  ‘Contemporary Christian Art in Malta’,

                                     Cathedral Museum, Mdina

2002 Aug                  ‘Iljieli  Mediterranji’, Old Opera House, Valletta.

2003 Mar                   ‘Crossroads’, Naxxar.

2003 Aug                  ‘Unita’, St. Anne Parish, Marsascala.

2006 Jun                   ‘In Vinculis’, St.Peter’s Social Club, B’Bugia.

2006 Nov                   5th National Arts Exhibition, Naxxar. Malta Society of

                                    Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce. 

2007 May                 ‘Contemporary Christian Art’, Cathedral Museum, Mdina.

2007 Jul                     6TH National Arts Exhibition, Naxxar. Malta 

2008 Jan                ‘The Man and the Critic’. Tribute to Chev. Emmanuel  Fiorentino, Last Touch Gallery.

2008 Feb                    Green Core Exhibition, Melita Gardens. Attard. 

2008 May                  Silver Palette Competition & Exhibition, Malta Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, Valletta. Honorable Mention Certificate.

2008 Oct                    7th National Arts Exhibition, Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta.

Opening of my The Within solo exhibition, Mdina, 2018.
Inauguration by Prof. Michael Zammit for my The Within solo exhibition.

2009 Nov               ‘Collaboration in Art’. One of eight local artists who contributed live art-painting in public at the Malta Society of Commerce and Arts.

                                 Proceeds donated to the Malta Hospice.

2010 Feb                  Silver Palette Competition & Exhibition, MSA. Valletta.

2014 Dec          World Citizen Artists, winner of International WCA              Competition with my painting Fragility of Peace and displayed at the Belgravia Gallery, London. 

2015 Nov               The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale

                                With my painting Out of Nothing.

2015 Dec             Caravan arts (US/Eygpt) One of the 21 life size Mediterranean

Peace Donkeys (Boxxla) during the Mdina Biennale.

2016 Jan                Follow-up tour of the Mediterranean Peace Donkeys (Boxxla) at the Ta’ Pinu Peace Centre, Gozo.

2016 Jan               Japanese & Maltese Impressions Collective held at the Cavalieri Art Hotel with  2 paintings; Alphabet of Desire and Stillness of the Cliffs. 

2016 Apr                Tokyo Collective in Tokyo, Japan with my painting ‘Confession’.

2016 Aug              Russian Cultural Centre, Valletta Maltese and Russian Artists Unite with Fragility of Peace and Out of Nothing.

2017 Mar                  Unifying Differences, Dominican Priory, Rabat.

2018 Nov                  Art 2000, The Hilltop, Naxxar.

2019 Apr                   Karl Vella Foundation Art Collective, Tigne, Sliema.

Opening speech at The Cliff's, Dingli for my solo exhibition Magdalene's Tangerine 2014.
2013 Collective with my late father's works.
Feb 2019
Feb 2019
With my children Rachel. Alexander, Patricia and Juliette during my The Spirit of Colour exhibition, Naxxar, Malta, 2013.
Solo exhibition Passage of Memory at the Priory, Mdina. 2013. 
Solo expo When Destiny Lingers, Feb 2019.
Before inauguration.
Inauguration by Dr. Paul Xuereb and Dr. Louis Lagana.
Spirit of Colour solo exhibition, 2013.
During solo expo, 2007.
My first solo exhibition, 1994.
Painting list, 1994.
Solo exhibition A Tale of Consequent Parallels, Lija, Malta.
During solo expo, 2007
My solo exhibition Strange Brew, 2002.
Opening detail.
My Dingli Cliffs collection. for Magdalene's Tangerine solo exhibition. 2014.
Discussing my work.
Solo expo 1996
Painting list, 1996.
Solo exhibition, Vascas, Naxxar, Malta. 2013.
Solo exhibition, 2007.
Back page.
Brochure, 2007.
With Fr. Marius Zerafa ( my two paintings are behind me, 2014.
Meander TV interview.
The Within, solo exhibition. 2018.
Brochure for my exhibition at Naxxar, 2013.
My first drafts, scripts and books; display at the St. James Cavalier art hub, Valletta, Malta. 2013.

Welcome speech for my Spirit of Colour solo exhibition. 2012-2013.

The Spirit of Colour solo.
Recieving Francis's Gieh ir-Republika award.
Stage talk. 2018.
Receiving an award at the MSA, Valletta.
Opening of my Edge of Distance solo exhibition in Gozo, 2016.
Before the opening of my solo exhibiton Edge of Distance. Gozo 2016.

Curator's speech.
Left: Innocence Lost / Right: White Room.
Discussing some of my works, 2013.

Theatrical discussion.
Spazju Kreativ (St. James Cavalier) Valletta, Malta solo exhibition discussion.
My work at the Spazju Kreativ (St. James Cavalier), Valletta, Malta. 2012-2013.
The Ebejer Project, Valletta, Malta. 2012-2013.
With my son, Alexander.
My book of poems, The Divide of Silence, published in 2011; Midsea Books, Malta.

Theatre photo.
Ebejer Project.
With Creative Director, Toni Sant, Spazju Kreativ, Valletta, Malta.
Naxxar Collective, 2017.
Welcome speech for my Passage of Memory solo exhibition; The Priory, Mdina, Malta. 2013.
Viewing my painting White Room; Ebejer Project exhibition, Valletta, Malta. 2012-2013.
Opening speech for my solo exhibition When Destiny Lingers, 2019.
Opening evening of my Paradox solo. September 2022.
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